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Can your life change in 10 years?

"जहाँ हमारे सपने पूरे होते हैं, वहाँ इनका struggle शुरू होता है"

At the start of the decade, we had to move to a new city because my dad had a heart attack and it took him 1 year to recover and stand back on his feet which caused his shop to shut down, it was getting hard to even put food on table so my parents decided to move and get into a business which most of my relatives were doing so that we could have some help.

The first picture at the start of the decade has a lot of emotions behind it. We had only one bed so me and my dad used to sleep on floor, it was raining heavily and our house was beside the terrace so it got filled with water and me and my dad started floating on water, we all woke up worried got our senses back and started taking the water out and blocking the areas it was coming in from, took 4 hrs and it was morning already and there was my mom sitting on the bed with tensed eyes looking at our situation, I went to her and took this picture smiling and telling her it was a fun experience to float in water while sleeping to cheer her up a little.

The second picture at the end of the decade shows how much things can change in 10 years. I was not a good student but when these things happened with my family I started taking studies very seriously, my scores went from 60's to 90's. My parents and everyone around me said the same thing, study hard, get a degree and then get a job, that's the best way to have a happy and financially secure life. Thanks to the internet I found out that it's not whether you do a business or job that makes a difference it's your financial planning that makes the real difference. I soon found out that I'm not a job person, doing some kind of business is what I really enjoy, so I started with freelancing and soon opened my own agency and quit college to focus entirely on my business venture. It has been 4 years and I couldn't be more thankful for the blessing God has given me and my family, it entirely changed our financial situation.

When you can have all the little things in life, be it a car or a 2BHK house or some good meal at a restaurant without worrying about the money you have that smile on your face and I just hope I can keep this smile on all of our faces. Never stop believing a lot can happen if put in the work.

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