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Why you should use a credit card for all your payments.

I will like to start this blog with an incident that happened to me a year back. So, I had a savings account in HDFC bank and for online payments, I was in need of a new credit card and as diners club has the lowest foreign currency conversation charges I went for it. I applied for a diners club black card not knowing it has certain terms and condition you need to meet to be eligible to own a black card. When I asked my bank manager about it, he laughed at me (Probably because of my age and bank balance) and said you need to have an income of over 25 Lakhs per annum in your ITR to be able to have this card. He could have just said it nicely but that laugh got into my head and I settled for a premium diner club card back then but had in my mind to own that black card soon.

I used the premium card for few months and was not quite aware of the reward points program, after researching about it I got to know that I can fly and stay for free around the globe by using the reward points I gain from my card. The premium card had a limit of 5000 reward points a month so I couldn't get much out of it but the black card had a limit of 25000 reward points and having a black card would mean flying and staying at luxury hotels for free.

A few days back I got a call from my relationship manager (The same guy who laughed at me) that if I would like to upgrade my card to diners club black, I said YES! I was so happy when I finally got it today, as I wanted something like these to happen a year back and it did happen. What's better when the same guy who laughed at you is now asking you if you would like to have it.

Why should you be using your credit card for all your payments?

1. Get free reward points for spending the money you would be spending anyway. It's like an instant cash discount and you can later use those points to travel and stay for free.

2. If you have a diners card you get x10 reward points when you buy something on Flipkart, lifestyle, book my show and a lot other partnered websites. For ex. If you have a black card and you buy something worth Rs 30,000 from Flipkart you get Rs 10,000 back as reward points!

3. I don't know much about other cards but when you use a diner club black card for any payments you get 3.3% cash back as reward points. If you have a business you can purchase all your goods with the credit card an enjoy 3.3% cash back. Spending 5 Lakhs gets you reward points worth Rs 16,500.

3. My favorite one is having access to almost all the lounges in domestic and international airports. You can relax in the comfortable sofas with no people around and have FREE FOOD! Yes, FREE! You just need to swipe your card and you will be billed RS 2.

4. If you love to play golf than the diners club card gets you free access to many of the golf courses in India and around the globe.

5. You get a private Concierge service. You just need to call them and they will take care of all your reservations and bookings, also want to deliver gifts to your loved ones just give a call to the Concierge.

There are many other benefits which you can check at:

Having a credit card and using it wisely can save you thousands of rupees in flying and hotel booking. Let me know which credit card you use and what are it's benefits and is there a better card than diners club black considering the reward points scheme and foreign exchange charges.

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