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Why I dropped out from college?

I keep getting hate from everyone because I dropped out or say because I had the guts to drop out and follow my dreams!


The degree is good for people who want to specialize in a particular field of their interest. For example to be a doctor or lawyer you need a degree because the government has set laws like that for this professions but if you have no desires or goals like that and you are studying just for the sake of your parents and society then you are making the dumbest decision of your life by going to the college. You will just waste 5 years of your life for nothing and rest of your life will be wasted doing a job you don't love which will make your entire life miserable.

I see thousands of students being forced by their parents to be an engineer when there are no real requirements for it, they think their son or daughter will become Sunder Pichai one day, what they don't understand is Sunder Pichai is one in 130 crore Indians and he worked hard for over 30 years to achieve that position and even after having a brilliant mind and putting in all the hard work he is still an employee of Google who can be fired any day.

People think jobs are secure, like seriously how dumb can you be after all that 20 years of education? The first thing a company does when in financial pressure is they fire their employees as you are just a liability to them, while investors like us keep making money as when the expense of a company gets down its share prices get up. Laying employees off makes both the company and investors money.

The cycle of destruction is created so beautifully that you can't even get out of it. You will get hike every year which will make you think that after working for 10-15 years you will be making 25 lakhs a year which will be amazing but what you don't realize is inflation also keeps growing and after 10-12 years you will have 10 other expenses which you will call your house, car, medical bills, and kids education and the 25 lakhs will be the same as what is 6 lakhs a year for you now as a fresher. You will never be financially free while you do a job, NEVER! You think those holidays makes your life better? It just makes it worst as you can escape the reality for that 28 days but what about the other 337 days?

My friend asked me what will you tell your kids when they ask how educated their father is? I replied: I will say them, I'm not educated by the norms set up the society but I'm self-educated. I turn dreams into reality, by the time other kids of my age were busy studying to get a so called degree, I was employing them in my company to make me more money. I will have an unique story to tell my kids about how I went against the norms set up by society to achieve all that I have achieved, while you all will be whining your kids to study and get a job like you so they also stay trap in the rat race forever and I will ask my kids to do whatever they desire to do. That will be the difference between my kids and rest of the kids, they will not live by the rules set up by some dumb people 100 years ago.

The other question I get a lot is we need money to start a business or learn something we like. No you don't need money all you need is the desire and you will make everything else work for you. This is an era of digitalization and you can literally start with nothing and learn everything for free, I say this with confidence because I have done it myself. I started with INR 0 in January 2015, I had no capital so I researched on google about making money with no investment and started exploring sites like Fiverr and Freelancer and analyzed what people were selling and how. Learned to design and photoshop through youtube videos and started selling my services, made INR 2500 my first month working and learning 16 hrs a day and then the sales increased every month and I finally had the capital to start my own business. I have started 2 more companies this year with this blog and will also be starting a local business and a few drop shipping business as well because that's what I love to do, set up new business and invest in new startups. I have lent money on interest and have investments in stocks which make me a passive income of more than what a 21 year with a graduation degree can make or even with a CA, engineering or MBA degree. I compete with the people of my age through my passive income, not my business income.

We are all here to make a difference but by following the herd no one can make any difference. Follow your dreams and do what you really want to do in life, fight against your parents, your relatives, your friends and the society and do what your heart desires because doing what you really desire to do will help you make a difference in this world.

Written by Vishal Jain

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