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Financial Advice: Spend only 5% of what you earn.

Want to spend more? Start earning more!

I am a 21 year old entrepreneur and have various businesses so the profit I make varies every month so I have made a goal to invest 95% of whatever money I make and keep 5% for my expense.

It has been very difficult to keep the expenses under the radar at the start and a year before I wouldn't even go out for months as I wasn't making enough. When, because of some events or special occasions my budget would go beyond the spending limit I would adjust it by spending less in the upcoming months. I wanted to do more, buy things, go out and party so I worked harder and kept increasing my profits which allowed me to spend more. By far keeping my expense below 5% of what I make has been the best motivation for me to make more money.

So that's my financial advice for you, keep investing 95% of what you make back in your business and if you still have capital left invest in new businesses, stocks and real estate. You can email me at if you have any questions.

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