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From skinny to fit, making a healthy life change!

It's all about physical hard work and mental focus.

When I started freelancing 3 years back my work involved sitting the entire day in front of a screen and being 18 years old I didn’t knew much about staying fit/healthy and didn’t make it a concern. After 2 years when my relatives and friends started telling me that I have become way to skinny, I started taking a note of my body and realized I am really in a bad shape.

I joined a gym on 26th April 2017 with my cousin. My weight was 54 Kgs (My height is 6 ft)

After working out on our own for a month I was able to gain 1 kg! I knew it’s not going to work so I got a personal trainer. With his diet and workout routine I was able to again 13 Kgs in 3 months.

I went on and gained another 10 Kgs in next 3 months.

Now I had belly fat, double chin and sides coming out, I became slow and felt like I can’t carry this body weight. So I began to cut down and now my weight is 68 and that’s perfect for me. I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by going to gym at-least 4 days a week and take a good diet.

I always taught going to the gym will be a waste of my time which I can use to do more productive work but I was wrong, this was the best decision I made and it just didn’t improve my health but I became better at my work and was more efficient and energetic then ever.

Key points when you are gaining:

  1. Diet is the king, I gained all this weight with a purely vegetarian diet.
  2. Soya chunks, sweet potato, and pulses are the key foods. Have them in good quantity.
  3. Quit smoking, drinking, and drugs. Don’t take steroids for faster results.
  4. If you want fast results go to the gym twice in a day and be super strict with your diet, no cheat meals.
  5. If you want to lose weight then go on a clean diet. Have protein-rich salads and drink a lot of water. I lost 10 kgs in 3 weeks by following this diet.
  6. Take protein when you are working out hard in the gym. Don’t fall into people saying protein is bad, it is not, do some research yourself and take the ones according to your needs. (There are different proteins for muscle gaining, weight loss etc) and if you are a vegetarian then taking protein is a must.
  7. Focus and discipline is the key if you don’t go to the gym, if you take cheat meals and can’t stick with the diet then there can’t be anything which can help you achieve a fit body.
  8. Having a healthy lifestyle is all about physical hard work and mental focus.
  9. Going to the gym is not only about having six-pack abs or big biceps. It’s more about maintaining a healthy weight and staying fit so you can do a lot more than what you currently can.
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