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Buying a house at 22

Real Estate Investing

Why I invested in real estate?

I bought a house few weeks back and it was my first real estate investment. I don't like investing in real estate as the returns are really low compared to investing in new business or the stock market but it's safer and more consistent. It's just a safe investment to diversify my income. I would rather have rental income from a property which values increases with time than to have my money sitting in saving or fixed deposit accounts.

The rent we get in India is really low compared to other countries like US and UK so taking a mortgage and renting the house won't be sufficient, so you need to put in most of the money upfront to make profits in form of rent but if you invest in the right locality the property prices in India rises pretty fast and you can make good money flipping properties.

How was I able to afford a house at 22?

I started freelancing 3 years back and quit college after few months as I was sure the education in college won't help me with stuff I want to do and 2 years back in 2016 I started my first company Sunshy Digital Media Agency with all the money I made doing freelancing job and since then I have started 4 more companies and that's how I was able to buy a house at 22.

I didn't waste my money on cars or expensive stuff to impress people rather I invested my money in new projects and creating more streams of income and still today when I have extra cash I decided to invest it in real estate rather than buying a fancy car and I think these are the decisions which help you grow and do better in life.

How can you do it?

I get several DM's and emails where people ask me how can they start making money online. My first advice will be to sell your services on freelancing sites like Fiverr & People per hour. I had to make a major move 2 years back and start my own website when these sites stopped featuring services related to social media sites for some copyright issues so if you are in that field than ignore this freelancing website and start directly selling your services with your own website. If you don't have any services for sale then it's best if you spend your summers learning skills like website designing, coding, graphics designing, photoshop etc. If you want to make money providing marketing services like I do, you can learn it from my growth hacking ebook.

I won't advise you to quit college if you are not sure what you really want to do in life. It's important to have some sustainable income first before you make that decision and you can easily manage a business with your studies you just need to see less of your friends and spend time on learning new skills rather playing video games and watching youtube.

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