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Instagram Influencer Marketing: The new money making opportunity

Influencer marketing has been around for many years now but the opportunity was limited to celebrities or accounts having followers in millions. Things have changed now, brands are looking to collaborate with people having few thousand followers so they can reach their target audience on a much personal level. Also, the number of brands using Instagram increased 3x this year itself, more and more brands are finding out influencer marketing to be a great source of advertisement and revenue for their company. So how does this work? How can you be an influencer?

Getting started with influencer marketing

First, you should select a niche for yourself. What you want to write about, how you want your content to look like, what you are good at. You can make your content specific to food, fashion, fitness, travel or include all of them together and be a lifestyle blogger. Also, influencer marketing is not limited to bloggers, you can be an artist, singer, comedian or an entrepreneur and if you have a good influence brands will be eager to collaborate with you. I am an entrepreneur, my content is basic and simple and I don't even upload much still I reached out to 3 brands and all agreed to do a collaboration with me which made me around $1000 and it took around 1 hour of my time to get some professional pictures clicked.

How to get collaborations?

At first, you will have to personally reach out to the brands and tell them how collaborating with you would help their brand. Don't send a DM on Instagram as the big brands won't notice, go to their website and find the email address of their marketing or PR team and send them an email directly. Most brands will ask you to promote their products in exchange of getting that particular product for free. Agree with it if you have less than 5K followers, else ask for a payment.

How much should you charge?

Many people who even have more than 30K followers agree to do promotions for a free product which is really stupid. If they tell you product is worth a lot then tell them to send the product with a return mail so you can send it back after you have clicked pictures with it for the promotion and ask them to send payment of the same amount instead.​

The next big issue is people don't know how much they should charge for the promotion. For that, you can use Instagram Money Calculator which tells you the value of your Instagram post and you can charge the brand accordingly.

Some extra points

Only collaborate with brands who matches the interest of your audience and keep commercial posts less than the authentic posts. Ratio, of 70:30 is good in favor of authentic posts. Don't lose relevance as keeping your audience engaged is what really matters.

Having a website will help you create credibility, you can start for free on Wordpress or Wixsite and if you have a budget get it done by some professional. If you have a marketing budget you can straight away jump into the big league with

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