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Grow your Instagram Followers & Engagement With Power Likes & Comments

The first question coming to your mind will be "What is Power likes & comments?" So, I will explain that first and then tell you how you can use this new method to grow your Instagram account organically.

When you receive likes & comments from accounts having more than 50K followers those likes and comments are referred to as Power Likes & Comments. Let's simplify this further using an example. Let's say that there are 20 accounts with 200,000 followers each and they all like your post. What this does is that it exposes you to a network of those 20 accounts (20*200,000), summing up to 4 million! Your posts instantly land up on the explore feed of people who follow these accounts and you start receiving thousands of likes and millions of impressions within minutes. That's a big reason why people related to celebrities get instantly famous on Instagram. This method works for almost all social media networks, be it facebook, twitter, snapchat or musically.

There are companies providing power likes services ranging from $300 per month to $500 per month depending on the quality and quantity and if you can afford it, I will recommend you to buy these services as it's the best way to grow your Instagram account organically &. If you don't have the money, you can start an engagement group or be a part of one of an existing engagement group having people similar to your niche.

Why use engagement groups? We all know that the Instagram algorithm has drastically changed over the last few years. Now, Instagram decides how many people to show your post to, based on the engagement you get on your post. What this means is that posts with higher engagement have a higher chance of being seen by more people. The goal of engagement groups is to support each other by engaging with each other's posts. This tells Instagram to show your post to more people and gives you an opportunity to gain more followers.

There are many existing engagement groups which you can join, where people like and comment on each other content to give it a boost. If you can't find any then create one yourself and ask people in your niche to join the community by sending them a DM and a lot of people will say yes as who don't like more likes and comments? It's better to have a group on telegram or WhatsApp instead of Instagram as you can regulate it better on these platforms.

Want to grow more rapidly? Start hanging out with Instagram famous people and update content with them and in no time you will go viral. I have seen new accounts growing from 0 followers to thousands of followers because they are friends with the Instagram star and putting content with them help them gain followers. So, it's all about being a part of the community and collaborating with people in your niche and creating great content with them. That's the best way to grow on Instagram organically and these methods work for all other social media sites as well.

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