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LinkedIn – Your ultimate marketing solution

Ask your old man how to get business he will say use connections!

Imagine you have a brilliant business Idea, you have all the resources to manufacture your product, you have got your bank application approved all you need is Customers. What if I say you can contact some 467 million potential customers every month with the least possible expense? Too good to be true, Folks that’s LinkedIn for you!!!

Here are a few arguments that will force all the entrepreneurs out there to log off from their Facebook accounts this second and create or update their LinkedIn account right now.

LinkedIn means business!

Which place will you rather go- a place where what you do would be glanced at but mostly ignored or to a place where you are being searched for. Unlike other social networking say Facebook which is trying to promote personal sharing experience on their platform. LinkedIn is a platform devoted to professional networking. Thus it is no rocket science that your work and your marketing efforts will be valued the most on LinkedIn & every person you reach targeted to your specification will be a potential lead as there are no 14 years old here!

Showcase yourself!

LinkedIn offers a unique way to highlight your companies brand using LinkedIn Showcase pages. Want to create a special identity for your niche product, or want to highlight how well your certain business unit is performing create an extension of your company profile using the showcase pages. Not only will it provide a wider search base to your company but will also enable you to cater to a more specific audience.

Ask your old man how to get business he will say use connections!

LinkedIn is the premier platform for establishing and enhancing professional connections. Your network gets extended as you get to know the people who are connected to your connections and simultaneously they get to know you. ​Reaching out to more people will lead to growth and business enrichment. Apart from this LinkedIn will also help you to strengthen your existing contacts. Don’t trust me!! Write a good review of your old channel partner and see for yourself.

LinkedIn groups- A great discussion platform!

The best part about LinkedIn is here knowledge is always appreciated. If you have a unique skill or are specialized in a certain area, you can create or join LinkedIn groups where you can discuss related issues solve others problems. This will enhance your credibility and will help your business grow.

You don’t have to do all this yourself!

Here comes the best part you can reap all of these benefits while you concentrate on your core area of business by outsourcing the work to grow your LinkedIn account to an agency. Who will help you connect with targeted leads specified by you through keywords, profession, location and industry. Send custom cold message to all leads who connects back with you which will help you get more business opportunities.

Seth Godin has rightly said that “Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but is more about the stories you tell.” What is more important is your stories reaching out to the right people for which LinkedIn in a must have.

Written by Shaunak Bhatt.

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