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How I got 100+ matches on tinder in 1 week!

My friends who use tinder had these opinion:

  1. Guys don’t get matches in India.
  2. There are 1000 guy users for every 1 girl user on tinder, what are our chances to even show up on their feed?
  3. You won’t get a match if you are average looking, only good looking guys get matches.

I used tinder for a week and got 100 matches and trust me I ain’t no Hrithik Roshan. I think what guys really miss out is, its not about the looks for most girls, its about what you do, what are your thoughts and how confident you are and all this can only be seen in what you write about yourself in that bio. I can bet 99 girls out of 100 swipe right or left after reading your bio, they ain’t like you who swipe right to every other pretty girl they see! So, its not about your looks, it’s about everything else.

So how did i get these many matches?

Have an amazingly written bio. Ask your friends to help you with it, write about what you are, what you want to be and what you do. Mention your hobbies and what kind of a person you are.

As requested this is what I wrote in my bio: ■INTJ ■Maverick ■Digital Nomad
■Capitalist ■Fantast ■Hedonist ■Sapiosexual

I dropped out from college 3 years back and since then I have founded 5 companies. I crave for financial freedom so I can travel wherever I want and spend my time doing activities which I love! If you are not passionate about something in your life than please don't swipe right.

Lets meet up for a coffee and have a good conversation about life :)

Don't upload selfies, It's a turn off. Ask your friends to click pictures of you and use that portrait mode in your phone for best turn around.

Use tinder plus or tinder gold if you live in a Tier 2 or Tier 3 city. People here don't use tinder, I didn't even see 100 profiles in my city before tinder started showing "There is no one new around you" Also, I keep traveling to Mumbai and Bangalore due to my work so I had those cities in my target locations.

Change your mindset. Yes, it's a dating app but most of the girls are here to first know you better, have you as a friend and then take that next step. We are raised in a different culture and things here work differently!

You need to text first. 90% Girls won't start a conversation even if they have super liked your profile. So you will have to take the initiative and start the conversation.

I recently read in an article that girls in india use dating platforms to just boost up their confidence, they really don't care about dating you. I didn't experiment that but if you do let me know the results! Hope this helps you find your "Perfect Match"

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