• An E-book which will change the way you use Instagram!

    Make money with Instagram marketing, get potential leads and sales and grow your followers base with real targeted people.

  • Who am I?


    I am an Instagram Marketing Specialist & have helped over 3000 clients to grow their Instagram accounts with a specific targeted audience which has resulted in more sales, leads and collaboration work for my clients. I make 25 to 30 thousand dollars every month by providing Instagram marketing services.


    I have grown many accounts to hundreds of thousands of followers, these are few of my personal accounts which I use to promote my businesses. @vishaljofficial (270K followers) @journeytoamilliondollars (100K followers) @myjourneytoamilliondollar (20k followers)


    In this E-book of mine, I have mentioned all the tips and tricks I use to provide the above services replicating which you can increase your Instagram audience with thousands of real targeted followers every month which will result in more sales, leads and collaboration work. Also, you can sell these services like I do and make thousands of dollars!


  • Interviewed By Forbes




  • What Does The E-Book Contain?

    All the information that you need to be an Instagram Superstar!



    • What Content Should You Post.
    • How Many Posts Should You  Upload In A Day. 
    • At What Time Should You Post.


    • How to grow your Instagram follower base with real engaging followers.
    • How to get more sales & leads using Instagram. 
    • How to schedule posts on Instagram and manage comments.


    • How to find out hashtags according to your target niche & location.
    • How Many hashtags should you use with each of your posts. 
    • List of custom hashtags for your account.

    AD Campaigns

    • How to target your desired audience using Instagram AD campaign.
    • How to increase website conversions through an Instagram AD.


    • How to write an interactive bio.
    • How to make people click on your website.


    • How to increase your account reach through shoutouts.
    • How to get free shoutouts or free promotion on Instagram.
  • Income proof

    January 2019

    More Than 125 Thousand Dollars In Net Profits In Past 90 Days.

  • Invest Today!

    Instagram Growth Hacking E-Book
    What will you learn?

    1. How to make money by selling Instagram Marketing services.

    2. How to grow your follower base with ​real targeted audience.

    3. How to increase sales and leads by reaching people around your specific location & targeted niche.

    4. Reaching out to potential leads with custom greeting messages.

    5. Managing your Instagram account with scheduling posts and tracking comments.

    6. What content to use and when to post it.

    7. How to make a call to action bio which make people visit your website.

    8. Using hashtags & shoutouts to reach more people and increase conversion
    Coming soon
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