• A little about what I do and how I started.

    I dropped out of college 4 years back and since then I have started 6 companies. I always had an urge to start a business but I didn't want to take financial help from anyone to start it. I googled how to make money online and landed on a few freelancing websites. I started selling Virtual Assistant services on a website called Fiverr which provides you a platform to sell almost any kind of services which you are good at. After few months, I discovered few more freelancing sites like People per hour & UP work and started doing any kind of hourly jobs I could, be it data entry, data research, transcribing or being an hourly virtual assistant. I saw the demand for designing and social media marketing on these platforms and started learning about it. I watched thousands of youtube videos and read hundreds of articles on quora to develop my skills and started providing digital marketing services on those freelance platforms. I learned a lot of things in my freelance career and with the earned knowledge and money started my own digital media agency Sunshy Digital Media Agency.


    I still remember I made $30 the first month when I started providing freelance services on Fiverr and I worked over 20 hrs a day. Well worth it! Since then I have started 2 more agencies dedicated to social media marketing, a manufacturing unit that makes industrial goods, an eCommerce business where we sell limited-edition handcrafted jewelry, and have written an eBook to help people make money starting an Instagram agency.




    Sunshy Group Of Companies: www.sunshy.in


    • Sunshy Digital Media Agency

    Sunshy Digital Media Agency has the expertise necessary to deliver quality, cost-effective internet marketing services that yield high-end results. We build quality websites, design amazing logos, write high-quality content and effectively market your products and services on social media.


    Visit our website for more information: www.sunshy.co


    • Sunshy Enterprises

    Sunshy Enterprises specializes in dealing with all kinds of Industrial items.

    Visit our website for more information: www.industrialsupplier.net


    • Realstagram

    Realstagram is the best Instagram marketing source for reaching real and relevant Instagram users in order to build and enhance your influence on Instagram.


    Visit our website for more information: www.realstagram.co


    • Instagram Specialist

    Instagram Specialist provides all kinds of Instagram services. We get real followers and likes on your Instagram account targeted to your niche, we also get followers from targeted locations, get exposure and leads using Instagram advertisement and provide Instagram consultancy


    Visit our website for more information: www.vishalofficial.com


    • Sunshy Jewels

    A high-end fashion jewelry line. Handpicked & Handmade.


    Visit our website for more information: www.sunshyjewels.com


    • Journey To A Million Dollars

    An E-book which will change the way you use Instagram! Learn how to make money with Instagram marketing, get potential leads and sales and grow your followers base with real engaging targeted people.


    Visit our website for more information: www.journeytoamilliondollars.com



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    I am a 21 year old entrepreneur and have various businesses so the profit I make varies every month so I have made a goal to invest 95% of whatever money I make and keep 5% for my expense. It has been very difficult to keep the expenses under the radar at the start and a year before I wouldn't...
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